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years of foundry experience


Annual Capacity 13,000 metric tons

There are 4 production foundries total of 200,000 sq ft

Who we are ?

Acieries Hachette et Driout has been a family Company since 1869, situated in Saint Dizier, Haute Marne, FRANCE.

AHD supplies castings to three primary industrial markets :

- Energy, Pump and Valve Industries : We supply castings for extraction, transportation and refining of oil and gas, for sea water desalination applications and nuclear industry.

- Mining Extraction : AHD specializes in high mechanical stress steel castings, specifically cast for high tensile strength, designed to be welded on very large raw material excavation machines.

- Railway industry : For rail projects we produce volume runs of high grade castings used in high speed trains and trackway applications.

AHD castings range in weights from 100 kg ( 220 lbs ) up to 10 000 kg ( 22 000 lbs ). The materials are from single carbon steels up to high alloyed steels such as Stainless , Duplex and Super Duplex Steels . Two thirds of our production are finished machined parts in our machining facility . Over 50 % of our production is exported to one of the 5 continents . Acieries Hachette et Driout is on a continual international development.

To produce yearly around 12 000 metric tons of Casting , we employ 500 people recruited locally, in our region which is historically connected to the Foundry Industry .

Since 2009 AHD has begun a massive reinvestment policy into the existing company, leading to the building of three new state of the art steel foundries, the first opened in 2009, the second end of 2013 , and the third to be opened at the end of 2014. This investment recognizes that AHD, to sustain its position as one of the best steel foundries in the world, has to modernize and when new technology is demanded, build suitable foundries to utilize that technology to the best effect.


le mot du PDG

With the strength of 140 years experience , Acieries Hachette et Driout has continually evolved to become one of the largest European Steel Foundries with a capacity of 13 000 metric tons per year, that has just been increased with the opening of 2 new steel casting plants .

Our Foundries offer to supply to many different industries, such as raw material extraction, energy industries, railways etc. providing many years experience, excellent competency, allied to important modern state of the art production facilities.

Our Company retains its family character and as a responsible family we continue to protect our investment for the long term preservation of the company and its employees.

Our philosophy is to connect directly with our customers, to demonstrate to them that we work with them in partnership, while we continue to invest, progress, and develop our capabilities for a changing world environment.

This web site has been developed for our personnel for them to be able to follow the evolutions of our activities, for our present and future customers for them to know better our different activities and latest investments, and finally for students looking to join the business that the foundry industry can offer .



cercle cercle cercle cercle cercle

2016 : La holding HDI (Hachette et Driout Industries) réalise un adossement à la CIF (Compagnie Industrielle et Financière de Bussy) et intègre ce grand groupe industriel mondialement reconnu .

2012 to 2014 : Opening of 2 new steel foundries . By the end of year 2014 , ACIERIES HACHETTE ET DRIOUT will run 3 new “state of the art” Steel Foundries.

1969 : Mr. Andre ROBERT DEHAULT engineer ECAM and ESF and direct descendant of Mr. Adolphe DRIOUT took over the management of HACHETTE ET DRIOUT and became President in 1976 . He began the modernization of the factory and implemented a strong policy of investment which continued for the following 40 years :
→ 1986 : Introduction of AOD refining process
→ 2008 : Opening of first new steel foundry ( Unit 1 )
→ 2011 : Introduction of a Linear accelerator 3 MEV for radiographic inspection .

1888 : Further evolution of the company’s production capability: HACHETTE ET DRIOUT becomes well known as a supplier of large castings in iron and copper, steel frames for buildings, copper founders, and nodular iron and steel founders.

1869 : Two brothers in law , Mr. Felix HACHETTE ( 1841 – 1903 ) and Mr. Adolphe DRIOUT ( 1845 – 1921 ) started the company HACHETTE ET DRIOUT , a Copper Foundry and assembly facility for the production of metal and pipework.

Our expertise and our production equipments

AHD uses the Argon, Oxygen, Decarburization (AOD) Process to refine steels. AOD process significantly reduces carbon and sulphur levels in the melt that improves mechanical properties and corrosion resistance in the finished castings.

Our casting weight range runs from 100 kg ( 220 lbs) to 10 000 kg ( 22 000 lbs ).

AHD offers the following steel grades :

  • Carbon steels : For valves , railway , earth moving and mechanical industries.
  • Low alloyed steels ( with Chromium , Nickel and Molbdenium ) : Offering enhanced mechanical properties, ideal for low temperature applications. Industries include Mining equipment and Valves.
  • Martensitic steels : High chrome steels for enhanced corrosion resistance and high temperature applications for valves in thermal plants, and the hydro-power industry.
  • Austenitic stainless steels : good mechanical properties at low temperatures . For cryogenic , valve and pump industries .
  • Austeno- ferritic steels (Duplex and Super Duplex): High grade steels with the properties of stainless steel, with additional enhanced mechanical properties for challenging industrial applications, for example Hot Water Sea Desalination, Sub Sea Valves, Desulphurizers, and other high corrosive applications for valves, pumps, and compressors.


  • Bureaux d'études
  • Bureaux d'études
  • Bureaux d'études
  • Bureaux d'études

AHD’s Methods Department looks at the complete casting process for the production of castings. A team of 2 computer simulation technicians and 4 methods technicians, work with our Technical Director.

Our goal , in collaboration with our customers is to guarantee the correct production of castings taking into consideration the best layout to ensure a quality product, to optimize materials, and offer competitive pricing.

We have specific tools :

  • Simulation programs for mould feeding and casting solidification ( Novaflow and Novasolid )
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Pattern Shop

  • modelage
  • modelage
  • modelage
  • modelage

AHD’s Pattern Shop employs 23 people and covers 7,000 sq ft. ( 700 sq.m ) of 2 500 hours per month :

  • 40 % building of new patterns in wood or resin for serial production or high technological parts and in polystyrene for unit parts.
  • 60 % for settings and maintenance of patterns.

Additional pattern making capacity is subcontracted to local certified pattern makers.



  • Moulage
  • Moulage
  • Moulage
  • Moulage
  • Moulage

AHD has several moulding lines, designed to produce units efficiently in a range of sizes for batch orders.
The maximum box dimensions are : 4 m. x 4 m.
The new production Foundry number 2 includes 3 moulding stations served by a mobile sand mixer : This Allows us to produce 3 moulds at the simultaneously, for a total capacity of 30 metric tons.
The sand reclamation plant allows to the reclaim the unused sands from moulding and core departments.



  • Fusion
  • Fusion
  • Fusion
  • Fusion
  • Fusion
  • Fusion

The new Foundry number 1 is equipped with a 4 metric ton capacity induction furnace. The new Foundry number 2 has a maximum capacity of 12 metric tons (1 induction furnace of 8 metric tons and 1 induction furnace of 4 metric tons). We also have two A.O.D. furnaces for the refining of the steel, which allows us to produce a large range of materials. The A.O.D. of the new foundries number 2 has a nominal capacity of 8 metric tons and is equipped with a Praxair I.R.S. Our internal laboratory allows the verification of the metal melt quality throughout all the process.



  • Parachèvement
  • Parachèvement
  • Parachèvement
  • Parachèvement
  • Parachèvement
  • Parachèvement
  • Parachèvement
  • Parachèvement

The new Foundries 1 and 2 are equipped with shake out machines, shotblasting machines and dedicated welding cabins. The shake out machine of Foundry number 2 has a total capacity of 20 metric tons. The shotblasting machine can process up to 10 metric tons of castings as any time.


Heat Treatment

  • Traitement thermique
  • Traitement thermique
  • Traitement thermique
  • Traitement thermique
  • Traitement thermique

Our furnaces are specifically designed to treat Austenitic, and Austenitic-Ferritic steels. They are capable of all other treatments required for carbon and high alloy steels.

The main advantages of these furnaces are the precise temperature control ( 1140 ° C / 2084° F ) and quick transfer between furnaces and quenching tank . The process is fully automated so there is precise control of temperature ramp up, hold, and cooling.

Our Expertise :

  • Quenching
  • Quench and Temper
  • Hyper Quenching
  • Stress Relief
  • Post welding stress relief


  • modelage
  • modelage
  • modelage
  • modelage
  • modelage

Two thirds of the castings produced by AHD are supplied finish machined at our facilities. Our machining capability includes:

  • Turning machines : 3 vertical lathes and 1 horizontal lathe
  • 4 Boring machines
  • 1 Trevisan (multi axis) machining center ( dedicated to valves )
  • 2 Machining centers (double pallets of 800 mm x 800 mm / 32” x 32”)

AHD has a department of specialists who manage our subcontracted machining operations, for those parts and operations that AHD’s machines cannot accomplish, or for times when AHD’s machine shop might be fully loaded, and we need extra capacity.



  • modelage
  • modelage
  • modelage

AHD uses “auto-control” technology during production, then final control to verify the conformity of the castings produced, to ensure they meet the requirements of the customer. Our Control Department has modern test equipment to do this, and our technicians are trained to the highest industry standards.

Radiography Inspection

Iridium Gamma Ray source and Radiography inspection of parts up to 300 mm ( 12” ) thickness is possible with our modern Linear Accelerator “X-Ray” machine.

Photographie du batiment à ultrason


  • 3D measuring device, that can measure by touch or by scanning.
  • 3D measuring device specifically designed to measure machined components.
Photographie d'appareils de contrôle

Magnetic Particle Inspection

  • With Clamp Generator
  • Electro Magnet
  • Rotating field Generator
Photographie d'appareils de magnétoscopie

Dye Penetrant Inspection

  • On rough and machined castings
  • With Nuclear Approved products
Photographie de ressuage

Ultrasonic Inspection

  • Up to date modern equipment
  • Probes designed to test parts specific to Customer requirements
Photographie d'appareil à ultrason

Pressure Tests

In house water pressure test facility up to 100 bars.

Photographie de matériel d'essais de pression

Mechanical Tests

  • Tensile test at room temperature
  • bending test
  • Impact sharpy test up to minus 196 ° C ( 385 ° F ) to room temperature
  • brinell hardness
Photographie d'appareil d'essais mécanique

Metallurgic al Laboratory

Micro / Macrographic inspection , corosion test , ferrite content …

Measuring equipments

To validate the results from non-destructive testings , we also check parts with sample gauges, magnetometers, light meters, and control samples.


Certification is available to the customer as a guarantee that the castings delivered meet the customer’s requirements.

Manufacturing Quality / Health and Safety

Logo de certifications


AHD has been certified by the following certification authorities : TUV ISO 9001:2000 - PED 97/23/EC EN 15085-2 - Bristish petroleum (BP) - Bureau Veritas - Korean Register of shipping - Lloyd's Register - NKK - Norsok - Nuclear HAF604 (China) - Deutsch Bahn - Caterpillar - Aramco - Exxon Mobil. In addition we have numerous Customer qualifications.

You can get a copy of these certificates from our Quality Assurance Department by clicking on this link

We are also qualified for welding as per AXME IX, EN and RCCM.

Get a copy of those certificates

Health & Safety

AHD maintains a policy of protecting its employees from accidents in the work place, Health & Safety is our main priority. An industry where the manufacturing processes include important risks for the health and the security of our employees.

AHD has an H&S policy that is communicated to all our employees, our objective is to ensure a safe working environment.

The design and layout of our newly constructed foundries was driven by the desire to improve our working conditions, our impact on the environment, but above all else, the health and safety of our employees.

The integration of the latest H&S philosophies, with the latest foundry manufacturing techniques and equipment, allows us to manage the risk to our employees, more effectively and more efficiently. The big reduction we have seen in accident rates between our old foundries and our new foundries, bears out the effectiveness of this philosophy.

Pictogrammes de consigne de sécurité

The ELOISE program

The “ELOISE Progam” is a trade mark registered process management system developed for foundries in the French region “ Champagne Ardennes “ by foundries in that region. It follows along the lines of ISO principles, but is specific to foundry processes in Quality, Health and Safety, and Environment. The trade mark “ ELOISE “ comes from the name of the Saint of French Foundries “ Saint ELOI “ onto which they added an “S” for “ Security “ (Health and Safety) and an “E” for “Environment “. The purpose is to improve the performance of the foundries in the region and raise the profile of French Foundries by sharing good practices in production operations and capitalize on the combined experiences of the foundries that set up ELOISE.
Using simple measurement tools for production operations, ELOISE guides us in the establishment of our management systems to ensure good quality and good HS&E performance. Step by step we are able to map and improve our quality and HS&E performance building on the experience of our peers in the industry.

It is AHD management’s aim to be fully compliant with the requirements of ELOISE by year end 2014, so that from 2015 onwards, AHD can proudly wear the “ELOISE” mark on its documents to demonstrate the management drive to continually improve our processes driving better quality, and improved HS&E performance.

The new foundries will further enhance our drive for improvements
The layout and design of the new foundries has been created with Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality objectives foremost in consideration. The experiences from opening the first new foundry 1 have been applied to the development of the next two Foundries 2 & 3 . We have been able to test new working methods, ensure they are safe, and where required fine tune the equipment and the procedures for using the equipment, to ensure a safer working environment, whilst also improving quality. With new policies and procedures has come training, and we have developed training plans for each aspect of work, and this has been communicated to our staff, in training programs and group workshops. Feedback from our staff has in turn led to adjustments in the procedures further improving the benefits of this program. Our goal is “ZERO Incidents”

Graphique des taux de frequence

We believe that this objective is attainable, and we have already seen a substantial decrease in accidents and lost time with injuries. Whilst the foundry industry remains a high risk one, AHD can demonstrate that Zero Incidents is achievable.
In April 2014 we had Zero Incidents.

One accident free month does not mean we can be complacent, AHD’s management and personnel continue to work hard to fulfil the requirements of « ELOISE » and ultimately demonstrate that through our people’s approach to HSE and Quality, we can become a « ZERO INCIDENT » Operation.

Graphique organisation
Politique Environnementale

Environmental Policy

AHD has a policy of protecting the environment to the benefit of our neighbors and city. Since the development of our Health, Safety, and Environmental Department in 1997, our management team has made the Environment a key measure and part of our investment is apportioned to sustainable environmental protection.

Each production unit is fitted with equipment and tools that reduce the impact of our processes on the environment, this includes filtration systems, recycling, fume extraction, and measures to clean our water before drainage.

AHD is a company that is always evolving, embracing new technological innovations wherever beneficial to our business and the environment.

We actively work to reduce energy consumption, reduce water consumption, and maximize our raw material usage to minimize scrap. For example, our use of Electric Induction Furnaces is a demonstration of using “clean technology”, these furnaces are both energy efficient and low on emissions. We monitor daily our energy consumption and analyze the data alongside our production data.

AHD has state of the art sand reclamation, allowing us to recycle 90% of the sand used in our processes.

For example, while we reclaim 90% of our sand the balance of 10% does not go to land fill, that is used to make roads locally, and in this way over the past several years we’ve been able to supply 300,000 tons of sand for road making that might otherwise have to be brought from local quarries.

We have a global approach but we use local subcontractors where possible to help support local enterprise.

AHD last news :

In 2012 , our local government gave us preferential operating agreement for our work in waste management.
AHD is currently working towards ISO 14001 certification.

Our references


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Recruitment policy : "The Value of People"


The integrated approach at AHD, allows each employee to quickly master the working environment in which they will progress. A new employee is given HSE, Quality, company orientation, and some marketing information when they start, before they join their manager for work specific training.

Management skills

AHD has in place many Human Resources tools that allow the company to manage its personnel effectively, and to effectively assess employee skill sets and match each employee to the best position corresponding to their skills and experience.


Every year AHD carries out employee reviews and any training needs are identified by management representatives, and training plans are developed which are then addressed in the following manner :

  • Priority and evaluation of training required.
  • Training requests from employees, and training requests arising from the annual trade talks.

Training is planned with the employee in mind and specific to their duties, however employees can request additional training through the human resources department, and expect a timely response.



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