Integration :

The integration process put in place at HACHETTE and DRIOUT allows each new employee to quickly master the environment in which it will evolve. A security welcome is organized upon arrival in order to gain a better knowledge of our activities as well as a global understanding of our organization. The newcomer also receives training at his workstation by a skilled manager.

Skills management :

Many HR tools exist and can be offered to employees in order to help the company effectively manage the skills it demonstrates and to link them to the corresponding professions. This contributes to the development of the company’s performance.

Training :

Each year, a training plan is implemented at the initiative of the employer, after consultation with the staff representatives.
To develop this training plan, the Management relies on:

  • its priorities and the assessment of training needs,
  • the training requests of its employees, collected during the annual professional interviews.

These trainings can appeal to the individual right to the training if agreement of the employee. All other requests for training from employees are carefully studied by the Human Resources Department and a response is provided as soon as possible.

1% Accommodation :

AHD contribute to 2 organizations, the 1% housing (participation of employers in the effort and construction). These organizations are at the disposal of the employees for everything related to rental, LOCA-PASS advance, LOCA-PASS guarantee, mobility, CIL PASS ASSISTANCE, MOBILI-JEUNE and accession and work loans.

Insurance and health insurance :

Employees are covered by a contract with an authorized insurance organization, which guarantees the risks of “Temporary Incapacity / Invalidity”, “Death” and “Health Expenses”. Membership is mandatory for all employees. An explanatory note of the guaranteed conditions is given to the employee upon hiring.


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