AHD owns several molding lines for unitary parts and for small or medium series.
The maximal dimension of our frames is 4×4 square meters. The new production units includes three molding areas, overhung by mobile mixers :
this allows us to mold up to three molds at the same time for a capacity of 30 tons.
Our sand regeneration system allows the recycling of the molding sand as well as the cores sand.



Our production unit 1 is equipped with a 4 tons furnace, while our production unit 2 has a maximum capacity of 12 tons through the combined use of a 8 tons furnace and a 4 tons furnace. We also have two AOD converters for steel refinement, therefore allowing us to produce a large panel of steel grades. The AOD converters of the New Unit 2 has a 8 ton capacity and is equipped with the IRS from Praxair. An integrated laboratory is guaranteeing the thorough inspection of the quality of our steels all along the production steps.


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