Quality Control

AHD carries-out the full scope of requested quality controls on site.


Linear Particle accelerator (X-Ray) :

AHD operates internally a 3MeV Linear accelerator since 2011, enabling the integrity control of our castings even on large thicknesses.


We operate 3D measuring devices and 3D scanners to ensure the severe dimensional criteria of our castings.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) :

Several types of generators (clamp, electromagnets, rotating fields…)

Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) :

On rough or machined parts as well as Nuclear castings.

Ultrasonic Test (UT) :

Most recent equipment and special gauges customized to our clients more stringent requirements.

Pressure Test :

Hydrotest internally up to 100 bars.

Mechanical Properties :

Impact, Tensile, bending, hardness at various temperature up to -196°C.

Metallurgical expertise :

Micrographic examinations, corrosion test, ferrite content, …

Gauges :

We ensure the compliance of all our quality control equipment on regular basis with validation gauges.

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