Our company, proud of its 147 years of existence, has known how to benefit of the best of two worlds, on the one hand the experience of a noble and ancestral craftsmanship and on the other hand the extreme modernity of our plant as well as our methods. Indeed, our three production units of which the oldest dates back to only 2009 and the most recent of 2012 are totally dedicated to operations based on a clear and legible production flow being able to satisfy our most demanding clients.
All our expertise, carried out by experienced and trained collaborators with the help of the latest tools in term of calculation and simulation, is implemented in all our hightech markets such as Energy & Nuclear, Mining & Earth-Moving, Railway.
Before anything, our company, having now joined the Groupe CIF, conveys human and technological values of which each of our employees are an active messenger. All of our energy is concentrated to obtain the satisfaction of our current and future clients, all this while guaranteeing the respect of our environment and the health of our employees.

I thank all of our partners that have been on our side to this date and I express the wish of the development and the progress of our company for the years to come.
Thierry Cuzor, President

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